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We are a community of young adults in downtown Montréal. We are from all over the world. We speak many languages. We are students and professionals and workers and unemployed. We are away from home and live with our parents. We are rooted in Christian tradition, but everything we do is open to young adults of any beliefs, or no beliefs at all. We welcome diverse views as we study, worship, pray, play, and talk.

We work with local churches, and some of our participants actively attend church and some do not. We are honoured to have anyone feel at home with us, but we do not ask anyone to call us their only home. 

We are LGBTQ+ affirming, and strive to be more genuinely inclusive in all we do. We are supported by the Anglican Church of Canada, the United Church of Canada, and the Disciples of Christ in Canada, but welcome young adults of any or no faith community.

pastoral leadership



Interim Director & Chaplain


Associate Chaplain

Christian Education


​The Rev'd Heather LIDDELL

Associate Chaplain



These are institutions who regularly support our work with an ongoing annual gift and grants.

Thanks to donors

Individuals and Families whose gifts are sustaining our work.

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