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Associate Chaplain for Christian Education

Esther Guillen (she/her) is a PhD Candidate in History and Classics at McGill University, and works as a lay worship leader and educator in the United Church of Canada. Esther has had a life-long commitment to ecumenism; her spiritual home is the United Church, and she has spent time as a choral scholar and congregation member in the Anglican Church of Canada, and has attended worship in Methodist and Presbyterian churches in Canada, Britain, and Israel / Palestine. Esther’s research focuses on the textual and philosophical relationships between the Gospel of Matthew and the writings of Justin Martyr, and the particular social and scholastic milieu of the second-century Roman Empire. She loves to participate in the spiritual questing of university students and the wider world.

Esther leads education activities, preaches, and helps us to have honest conversations about what the Bible and church history teach us.

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