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Chaplain & Director

Jean-Daniel (JD) earned undergraduate degrees at Harvard and a master of divinity at Yale. JD has begun, and seriously intends to finish (but for your own good, maybe don't ask him about it at a party) a PhD at Université de Montréal.

JD grew up in Massachusetts and New Brunswick, attending Pentecostal and Mormon churches, dropped out of high school to be a professional dancer, and that is how JD has become an Anglican priest in Québec.*

Outside of ministry at St. Martha's Chapel, Jean-Daniel is a chaplain at the University of Vermont Medical Center, a Broadway superfan, an Anne of Green Gables expert (self-appointed), an amateur photographer, a YouTuber focused on religious education. JD has two perfect human children, two ungrateful cats, and one dog.

His most deeply held belief outside of the official historical doctrine of Christianity is that the Boston Red Sox are God's favourite sports team. A merperson who spends most free time in water, Jean-Daniel's most controversial view is that our ancestors' move out of the ocean was a terrible error.

* This story may have been abridged for brevity, but is true.



Getting to know each other, guidance in a life crisis, a religous question, or someone to pray with are all among great reasons to meet with a chaplain. If you are a young adult or student in the Montréal area, please contact us. There is no fee for meetings. Generally, Pastor Jean-Daniel is available to meet in-person on Wednesdays and Sundays. Meetings by Zoom or phone are sometimes possible other times.

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