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Volunteer Positions​

Associate Chaplain for Social Justice

We are looking for a devoted Christian leader (not necessarily ordained) who is already involved in a community service or social justice organization to serve as associate chaplain for social justice. The associate chaplain will be encouraged, as part of the chaplains team, to re-imagine and reframe this role, but the initial hope is for someone to encourage our young people's social engagement and community service. It is our hope this would be a symbiotic relationship, giving our young people some mentorship and providing an existing Montréal organization a pool of young volunteers. It is hoped the volunteer would commit to trying an academic year in this position.

Peer Group Leaders

Peer group leaders fundamentally commit to being a first contact for young people wanting to know there is someone who understands them in our midst! In the case of student leaders, they would also connect our activities with their university student life as appropriate. We currently need volunteers for UdeM, Concordia, young professionals, and young parents. The peer leader is welcome, but not required, to organize small gatherings of their peer group.

Fundraising Coordinator

Do you have a passion for sharing your passion? We are looking for a fundraising coordinator to oversee grant writing, alumni outreach, and building giving relationships with denominations and local parishes.

Adulting 101 Workshop Leaders

Would you lead a one-time workshop on a basic life skill, such as how to sew buttons or iron dress shirts or cook a certain meal or get renter's insurances, or whatever it is you wish someone told you when you were in university?

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